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    We make handmade pieces every day from recycled glass. This means one less piece of rubbish that hurts the planet!

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    All types of creativity from drinking glasses, to home décor items made from glass that would have been filling your garbage bin.

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    Nothing is as personal as something that has been lovingly handmade with love.

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Inspired by saving the environment PRODUCTS MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS

  • Glass bottle ashtray

    Gift item • Hand craft • Utility item

    If you are a smoker, this is something you should have. Made from recycled bottles, the glass ashtray comes in various colours and sizes.

  • Metal Humming bird

    Gift item • Hand craft • Home décor

    This item is inspired by 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate the late Professor Wangari Maathai who used the Hummingbird story to rally the

  • Glass mosaic paper-mâché balls

    Gift item • Hand craft • Home décor

    These are beautiful decorative pieces you can hang indoors or outdoors. They are handmade from paper-mâché then we engrave them with

  • Garden stakes

    Gardening • Hand craft

    This is something cool that you can use to brighten your garden or flower pots. You can use the garden stake as a guard while you are away

  • Glass Wind Chimes

    Gift item • Hand craft • Home décor

    These chimes are made from recycled hand-cut glass and metal. The designs come in multi or single colour glass. The main decorative feature

  • Flower Vases (Assorted designs)

    Gift item • Home décor

    These vases are made from recycled wine, water and whiskey bottles. The bottles are converted into beautiful and creative designs inspired

  • Water Glasses/ Tumblers

    Utility item

    Instead of throwing away beer, wine or whiskey bottles, you can turn them into stylish water glasses/tumblers to match your living. They

  • Whiskey Glasses

    Utility item

    Have you ever thought that the wine or whiskey bottles you through away can make amazing whiskey glasses? Now you know. We cut bottles into

  • Mosaic Flower Pots

    Hand craft • Home décor

    If you want to bring some life into your flowers, then try our mosaic flower pots. We use glass to make beautiful mosaic patterns on flower

  • Bird feeder

    Gift item • Hand craft • Utility item

    If you love birds, then this is one item you will like. Made from recycled bottles and metal, the bird feeder comes in several designs. You

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